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Sigwin Store is the ideal e-commerce platform for medium to large companies, offering rich features and simplified decision-making.

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We already have the features most companies need

Sigwin Store offers a total package, reducing the need to engage different contractors for different parts of your website.

  • Product Information Management (PIM)

    Flexible data modeling and management tools deliver enterprise-grade quality and governance - consistently tell your product story everywhere.

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)

    Achieve consistent and personalized customer experience across different channels.

  • Digital asset management (DAM)

    Manage any type and amount of digital assets, integrating and consolidating them.

  • Cloud-ready

    Adapt to market conditions in a cost-effective manner while improving security and resilience.

  • Speaks your and your customers' language

    Expand your reach to different markets by leveraging multi-store, multi-language, and multi-currency capabilities.

  • Page Builder

    Tell your story yourself and reach your marketing goals.

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  • Modern user experience

    Your visual identity wrapped in a modern look that works great on all devices.

  • Handles ¼ million products easily

    Eliminate concerns about performance degradation as you scale your business and increase sales.

  • Site-wide search

    The Omnibox feature gives your customers instant access to the whole product catalog.

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  • Fast filtering

    Efficiently filter through a vast inventory, allowing for swift access to desired items.

  • Product boosting

    Increase sales for a particular product and clean up your inventory.

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  • Product configurator (3D, AR)

    Your customers can personalize their purchases to better meet their needs.

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  • Product categories

    Group products in one or more logical categories to help your customers find their way around.

  • Product variations

    Cater to a wider range of customer preferences by offering multiple product variations.

  • Product attributes

    Enable rich filtering by adding flexible metadata to describe your products better.

  • Related products (cross-selling)

    Increase sales by offering complementary or additional products.

  • Wishlist

    Improve customer retention and engagement by helping customers not yet ready to purchase.

  • SEO-ready

    The Store makes your content look good on search engines.

  • Google Analytics 4 integrated

    Track and stitch together your customers' journeys more accurately.

  • Accessibility

    Demonstrate commitment to inclusivity and comply with laws and regulations.

  • Quantity-based pricing

    Incentivize customers to purchase larger quantities of your products.

  • Configurable tax rules

    Comply with tax rules across multiple jurisdictions.

  • Over 50 payment providers supported (incl. PayPal)

    Avoid PCI DSS compliance by offloading those concerns to third-party providers.

  • Configurable inventory discounts

    Encourage sales or clear out old inventory - its your business.

  • Unlimited discount vouchers

    Reward customer loyalty to get repeat business.

  • Customizable invoices

    Your branding on professional-looking documents and compliance with tax laws and regulations.

  • User/role management

    Ensure security and accountability while fostering company-wide collaboration.

  • Built-in reporting

    Visualize KPIs by tracking inventory, marketing, and customer insights.

  • GDPR-ready

    Meet data protection requirements using the built-in tools.

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Integrate with your existing tools

Sigwin Store's integration layer enables complex workflow automation, without costly modifications to existing software.

Stock management

Get accurate inventory levels from your ERP

Provide real-time visibility of physical inventories to eliminate risk, prevent backorders, efficiently fulfill orders, and make informed inventory management decisions.

Order processing

Forward new orders to 3PL, CRM, Accounting

Streamline your order processing pipeline by sending new order data to Third-Party Logistics (3PL) providers, accounting software, and Customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Data analysis

Feed accurate sales data into your BI system

Automatically pass order and customer data to your BI system to foster data-driven decision-making, improve operational efficiency, and enable predictive analytics.

Our workflows are powered by n8n - the automation platform you never outgrow
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Loved by businesses worldwide

Sigwin Store is powerful and easy to use. It is just one of the reasons why companies love our product.

    • Working with the Sigwin Team is very inspiring! - No need to mention that the guys are absolute professionals in their field. What we appreciate more particularly: They challenge us extremely to get the best out of the projects!

      Stephan Kopf
      Project Team Lead at Brunner Medien AG
    • Our company has been using Sigwin to manage our website and we have been very happy with their support especially Branko has helped us a few times without any delay. I would recommend Sigwin to my family and friends.

      Jaspal Walia
      Owner at Express Rent A Car
    • Sigwin's comprehensive knowledge supports us in providing target-oriented advice to our customers. The cooperation with sigwin is very pleasant and an enrichment for us.

      Mario Steiger
      E-commerce Project Lead at Brunner Medien AG

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