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  • Berndorf Luzern
  • Victor Meyer

Search from every page

The Omnibox is one of the most used features of Sigwin Store because it makes it easy to find what you are looking for. Just type in the search field, and Sigwin Store will provide results based on what you have typed.

Search by product code

Sometimes your customers know exactly what they want. They might need something specific or have a recurring order.
By entering a product SKU, EAN, GTIN, ISBN or other code your product has, the Omnibox will return the exact item if it exists.

Works on categories and documents, too.

The Omnibox is not just for products. Use it to quickly find a category several levels down rather than work your way through a complex menu. You can also use it to find a page with shipping info or any other document on the website.

Tolerates spelling mistakes

Mistakes happen - even to the best of us. The Omnibox handles this by offering correct query suggestions to help you complete your search. If it's a minor mistake, it will offer suggestions based on corrected spelling.

Loved by businesses worldwide

The Omnibox is one of the features our customers have learned to depend on. Here's what else they say about us.

    • Working with the Sigwin Team is very inspiring! - No need to mention that the guys are absolute professionals in their field. What we appreciate more particularly: They challenge us extremely to get the best out of the projects!

      Stephan Kopf
      Project Team Lead at Brunner Medien AG
    • Our company has been using Sigwin to manage our website and we have been very happy with their support especially Branko has helped us a few times without any delay. I would recommend Sigwin to my family and friends.

      Jaspal Walia
      Owner at Express Rent A Car
    • Sigwin's comprehensive knowledge supports us in providing target-oriented advice to our customers. The cooperation with sigwin is very pleasant and an enrichment for us.

      Mario Steiger
      E-commerce Project Lead at Brunner Medien AG

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